An Image-Based Permeability Solver

What is PoroS?

PoroS is a cloud-based software for the virtual characterization of porous materials. By solving several flow problems at local scale, PoroS then calculates the full permeability tensor of your material sample.

Digital workflow

The numerical characterization of material samples eliminates the need for tedious and costly experimental measurements.

Cloud computing

Each simulation is performed remotely on the cloud: just upload your sample image or digital twin and PoroS will do the rest.

High performance

We use supercomputers for the simulation of flow through the samples and prediction of their permeability. Robust, fast and scalable.

Our Team

Paris MULYE, PhD

Software Architect
Solver Development


Technical Expert
Theoretical Development

Christophe BINETRUY, PhD

Subject Matter Expert
Modeling Strategy

Benoît MATTE, MSc

Sales and Marketing


UI/UX Designer

Adrien LEYGUE, PhD

Theoretical Development

Solver Development

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